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zagros alum part Co. Was founded 1998 developed of Aluminum industries of Iran .

zagros alum part is group specializing sand & permanent  mold casting our diffrent department is casting ,anodizing &heat treating dep.

That its co has been  exchange tozagros alum part complex.

At present our co have been experience  personal & engineer and producing space equal 1000 m2  is ability allowed to need our customers

hard ware capability

Design and manufacturing type of sand , wood & araldite casting mold

Design and manufacturing for permanent  mold of aluminum parts

The casting industrial parts of aluminum materials alloys parts by permanent & sand casting method

Heat treating of cast / rought aluminum hardenable alloy content (solution aneeling/T4/T5/T6 ect.) by modern electrical resistance furnace with high temperature sensivity .

the hard / color anodizing & allodine of cast /rought  aluminum alloy



Soft ware capability

design/advising/ inspection /casting &heat treating/Anodizing line factory

the Identification of manufacturing Q.C certified & good assurance

advising purchase of metallic material current standard (Astm,mil,…) and analyses ,Quality control on  basic metallic material.



Casting  its unit has been designing map or graph of parts confirm by Q.C dep.

For mass production delivery    casting   department.

Capacity product of at casting dep.

Sand & permanent mould is approximately   600 kg   daily.

Heat treatment dep.

Our heat treatment used the best of control instrument & resistance furnace that product of high Quality and there are minimum mistake at mechanical properties parts and high safety product dep. Is  800kg daily and there are four resistance furnace that capacity of products heat treat  



Anodizing & Coating

our anodizing dep. Parts install rocking and anodizing for  specializing  time that coloring and hard anodizing capacity products of anodizing  is 3000 part's daily

Product index

The basic three unit producing complex has been produced type parts of Casting, heat treating & Anodizing the fallowing that pictures Parts

Electrical parts

Automotive parts

Hydraulic parts

Weld & Cutting Parts


*Our Customers

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